Battlefront Heroes Cheat


Battlefront Heroes Cheat

Battlefront Heroes Cheat with advanced tools now is ready to use. This new application has very useful settings including checking server, choosing server and diamonds. To work corrrectly You have to choose server for Your regions there are 5 available server. Africa server located in Kair(Egypt), America server located in Miami(USA), Asia server located in Bangkok(Thailand), Europe server located in Paris(France) and Oceania server located in Sydney(Australia). That’s very important operation which server You choose, if You choose bad server Battlefront Heroes Cheat can detect an error and next try to get file from the same server will not help, in this situation only one way to work correctly this cheat will get it from our alternative server located in Berlin(Germany). If You will se this information about checking bad server please follow the instruction. If there will be any problems please contact with our support we are creating cheats for You all the time and You can be sure that our support will answer You in less than 12 hours.

Movie presents work of Battlefront Heroes Cheat

Important: You can get maximum 9300 Diamonds/24 hours. In other way Your account will be banned.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> INSTRUCTION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1. Get Battlefront Heroes Cheat from one of our servers

2. Log in to Facebook and then to Battlefront Heroes

3. Run Battlefront Heroes Cheat

4. Choose browser, Diamonds and write Facebook e-mail

5.  Check server via button “Check server”

6. If server is ok then click “Generate” and wait to the end of work Battlefront Heroes Cheat

7. Enjoy Your Diamonds

Battlefront Heroes Cheat Africa Mirror

Battlefront Heroes Cheat America Mirror

Battlefront Heroes Cheat Asia Mirror

Battlefront Heroes Cheat Europe Mirror

Battlefront Heroes Cheat Oceania Mirror

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